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Due to industry, wide increases on the majority of timber products we unfortunately will be implementing price increases on several products


Radiata Pine Structural and T2                          5%  -     7%

Treated pine structural and Decking                 5%

Treated sawn                                                          5%

Cypress Pine Products                                          3%   -     5%

Further to these increases we expect Merbau Prices to increase through September and October

By 5 – 10% depending on end section and length.

We would like to thank you for your continued support. If you have any question please contact

Us to discuss.



For those of you that use H3 structural treated pine you may have noticed that the treated pine we have been supplying is a mixture of CCA treated and LOSP treated dressed all round and laser cut product.

This is due to the major Australian suppliers changing their production to LOSP dressed all round making it difficult to supply all the same product as a lot of the CCA laser cut product is sourced from New Zealand

The main difference is that the LOSP product remains straighter as it only has one kiln drying process as there is no need to re-dry after treatment as with CCA treated timber and LOSP timber does not contain Arsenic as CCA treated does which is an advantage to a lot of people.

The main disadvantage is that the LOSP timber properly used ie: to manufactures specifications.

Is guaranteed for 25 years whereas the CCA treated is guaranteed for 40 years



Any treated timber exposed by drilling or cutting must be retreated with a suitable cut end preservative and retreatment is a requirement of the guarantee. Rip sawing, thickening and planning are not permitted unless the timber is subsequently re-treated to original specification